Nobody likes Mondays.

Your hardware is insufficient, your co-workers are irritating, your office seems just a little bit miserable, and your work ethic is at an all time low. However, you've got a job to do. Complete the tasks set out to you by your co-workers (making sure to not fall for any scams) - tasks that just keep piling up until they end up out of control - all the while finishing that report that you've had all week to do - lest you catch the ire of your boss. Just maybe you'll make it through the day.

A game by howiie and Angus Beer. Additional music by William Burroughs. Created for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2020.
Some sound effects were sampled from Windows OS, some texts were sampled from popular copy pastas.

Development log


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yall did an excellent job! game was fun and the memes were spicy. loved the art in particular. 10/10 would drink DRINK again